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The different colours and sizes of stones symbolizes people coming together, all colours, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all equal. The stones also represent the warmth of the camp fire circle.
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About Us

Our Vision: We will be a vibrant, year-round camping and retreat facility, known for its Christian Hospitality.

Our Mission: To invite people of all ages to experience the love of Jesus Christ and to grow spiritually within a natural setting, which is safe and fun.


Our vision for the Van-Es Camp and Conference Centre is to be a vibrant, year-round conference, meeting, camping and retreat facility known for Christian hospitality.

Our overall mission is to invite people of all ages to experience the love of Jesus Christ and to grow spiritually within a natural setting which is safe and fun.

The Moravian Church is a Christian organization with more than five hundred and fifty years of history. We are the oldest Protestant denomination in the world. Of us you could say that we have a heartbeat for God, and a passion for people. We are part of the Unitas Fratrum, the Moravian Unity of the world wide Moravian Church. And our motto is:

In Essentials, Unity
In Non-Essentials, Liberty
In All Things, Love

And our faith tradition is best summarized in our core values:

  • Focus on Jesus
  • Make disciples
  • Truly love the discipline of worship, study and prayer
  • Serve
  • Extend love, understanding and compassion to all people
  • Develop and provide leadership
  • Be led by the teaching of the Holy Spirit
  • Be open to new and exciting possibilities of mission

The Moravian Church is a worldwide church, with more than 750,000 members, organized in 19 provinces around the world. In Canada, there are eight congregations in Alberta, as well as congregations in Ontario & Labrador. Although our history and identity are unique, we remain deeply connected with our bothers and sisters in other congregations across the Moravian Church Northern Province.

Van-Es Camp and Conference Centre - Board of Directors

  • Lynne Hennig -- Chair (Good Shepherd)
  • The Rev. Aaron Linville – Vice Chair / Pastors' Liason
  • Randy Downing – Secretary (non-voting)
  • Randy Nehring – Edmonton Moravian
  • The Rev. James Lavoy (non-voting)
  • Emma Martin -- Christ Church
  • Grant Wudel – Heimtal Moravian
  • Jeremy Morris --Good News Moravian
  • Ryerson Christie - Millwoods Community Chruch, Moravian
  • The Rev. Heather Liddell – Member at Large (Holy Trinity, Anglican)

Other Staff and Volunteers

  • Business Manager – Randy Downing
  • Program Coordinator -- The Rev. James Lavoy
  • Caretaker -- Rupert Neuman


Mailing Address: PO Box 57063 Eastgate, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5L7